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Press Release

Release date: January 6th Album Release Parties:

The Hitchin' Post Saloon, Worcester, MA March 18th

"let me tell you this release is a joy, start to finish. I hope this translates but there’s a vibe you find at really great blues performances. Sometimes these do not translate to the studio. Not the case here, if you know what I am talking about you’ll already be a little excited about this CD." - Adam Signore - Making a Scene



   (Boston) - Matt Swanton, up and coming blues guitarist and songwriter has broke into the New England blues scene with the release of his debut album "The Matt Swanton Band".

   Matt Swanton brings high energy electric guitar to his debut album showcasing 7 tracks steeped in traditional blues, late 60's/early 70's psychedelic rock, and funk. The Matt Swanton Band has been making a name in the New England blues scene, playing at bars and music venues all over Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island,

and being chosen by the Boston Blues Society to represent Massachusetts in the 2023 International Blues Challenge, where they advanced to the semi-finals.

The Matt Swanton Band features a blistering 3-piece, occasionally with the addition of keyboards, combines screaming guitar, rippin' organ, boogie woogie piano, a hard-driving rhythm section, drawing inspiration from Texas and Chicago blues, southern rock, and British psychedelic rock. Since picking up the guitar at 9 years old, Matt has been making a mark in the New England blues and rock scenes playing in bands and hitting the local jams in addition to attending UMass Lowell, where he earned a degree in Sound Engineering and performed in many ensembles with his peers, and later shared the stage with the likes of Mike Zito, Albert Castiglia, Papa Chubby, and Ronnie Earl. Now he is taking to the stage with his no frills, no BS blues band.
Info for the tracks on "The Matt Swanton Band"...
1. Got That Right - This is a classic style 12 bar blues I wrote drawing inspiration from Lonnie Mack and SRV, with a slight surf rock vibe. I wrote it specifically with the intention of being an opener song to introduce a set. "There's word going on around town. Got a feelin' that it's going down..."
2. Hard Time - This is our upbeat rock blues version of the old Skip James tune, Hard Time Killing Floor blues, not to be confused with the very different Howlin' Wolf tune of the same name.
3. Half a Mind - Another classic 12 bar blues style song, this one draws inspiration from classic Texas blues, a little SRV, but with a slight funk vibe. It's a song about just being fed up with working hard for the woman you love and getting no love or affection for it.
4. Get Along - This is an original composition of mine about the animosity between people with opposing views, and an unwillingness to be tolerant towards different lifestyles. This draws inspiration from Johnny Winter, particularly the "Johnny Winter and..." era,  with a bit of a funk vibe, and a groove you can dance to.

5. In My Time if Dying - This is our take on an old traditional gospel tune. I once heard Doyle Bramhall II do a similar version and immediately felt inspired to give it a go. This is one we like to stick in the middle of the set to breathe a little after some of our more high energy material.

6. Roses -  We take it back to traditional 12 bar blues with a classic shuffle feel. Again drawing inspiration from Johnny Winter and a touch of SRV. This is a song about when you know somethings going on behind your back, when you're seeing red flags that the woman you love is involved with another man.

7. Catfish - This is our closer, our take on the classic Robert Petway tune. Starts out slow, picks up to a funk outro where I can really let loose and pull out all the crowd pleaser tricks, drawing a little inspiration from Jimmy Hendrix and particularly Eric Gales, who I'm very fond of.

The Matt Swanton Band debut album - The Matt Swanton Band LP

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